Tacima SC5689 IEC Power Cable

Brand: Tacima
Product Code: SC5689
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Hi Specification Screened and Braided Mains Cable 13 Amp MK Plug to IEC Connecter;  Provides a shield against radiated Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency Interference.

Serious HI FI enthusiasts would recommend that you change the standard 13amp-IECMains Cable, as the bare minimum when considering the mains supply side on  individual system components(eg CD player, Amplifier etc ) .

This is because the standard mains lead usually supplied (similar to a Kettle lead) is not very good at keeping out radiated interference and can act as an Ariel, affecting your sound or picture quality.

Since you have invested a fortune in some serious kit, then the cost of this cable will probably be a  small fraction of your total outlay, but the benefit may be substantial !.

Tacima cable uses multi layer screening to help provide protection against interference and is a valuable aid in the quest for product performance.



  • Oversheathed in VN207/2 clear PVC
  • Polyester Tape + Aliminium Foil Screen
  • Tinned Copper cross hatch braiding
  • Fused at 10 Amps
  • 1.5 Metres Long


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