Wireworld Horizon Speaker Cable

Brand: Wireworld
Product Code: Horizon
Price: £4.00 Ex Tax: £3.34

The Horizon super flat speaker cable provides amazing value and ease of concealment.

The Horizon ribbon cable employs two flat Oxygen-Free Copper conductors arranged side-by-side in a flexible white insulation. It is less than 1.4mm and 10mm wide making it easy to conceal under mouldings and carpets.

Use in conjuction with Wireworld banana and Spade connectors

Price per metre (min order 5 m)


 Conductor Material  Oxygen-free Copper
 No of Conductors  2
 Insulation  TPE
 Gauge  16AWG - 1.25mm
 Cable Design  Flexi-Flat
 Dimensions  10mm x 1.4mm


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