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Since 1994, Clark Synthesis has been producing full-frequency audio transducers for a variety of uses. One of the predominant markets where these transducers have established themselves as integral products is in home theater applications.
Used by many professional installers, Clark Synthesis transducers offer a unique experience to movie watchers. By having installers attach transducers to the frames of home theater furniture or to the risers upon which the furniture rests, Clark Synthesis transducers create an effect referred to as tactile sound. This sound transmits to the viewer in both physical and audible form, which increases the viewer’s sensation of being actively involved in the movie being watched. This tactile effect, paired with the experience of listening to high-quality, surround-sound speakers and viewing crystal-clear monitors or screens, takes the movie viewing experience to the next level.

The Clark Synthesis transducers most often used in home theater applications include the TST429 Platinum, the TST329 Gold, and the TST239 Silver. Differing only in cosmetic design and the amount of output capability, each of these transducers reproduces full-frequency, full-fidelity sound.

Silver TST239 - £165.00
Gold TST329 - £345.00
Platinum TST429 £520.00


 Please note you will require an amplifier to drive the tactile transducers. Please call for further advice and options

 Clark Synthesis TST239 Silver  
 Continuous Power Handling  100 watts
 Impedance  4ohms
 Overload Protection  Polyswitch
 Frequency Response  15Hz to 17kHz
 Dimensions  8" diameter by 2.25" high
 Clark Synthesis TST329 Gold  
 Continuous Power Handling  135 watts
 Impedance  4ohms
 Overload Protection  Polyswitch
 Frequency Response  10Hz to 17kHz
 Dimensions  8" diameter by 2.25" high
 Clark Synthesis TST429 Platinum  
 Continuous Power Handling  135 watts
 Impedance  4 ohms
 Overload Protection  Polyswitch
 Frequency Response  5Hz to 17kHz
 Dimensions  8" diameter by 2.25" high

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