Artcoustic Spitfire SL 24-12 Loudspeaker

Brand: Artcoustic
Product Code: SL 24-12
Price: £4,000.00 Ex Tax: £3,333.33

The Spitfire SL Series is designed for the finest dedicated home cinemas, with different configurations to suit almost any room size. Performance is crucially the same as the rest of the Artcoustic SL series, but are more cost effective due to more industrial aesthetics and a more robust finish, lending themselves perfectly to private cinemas where the speakers are hidden from view behind the projector screen. Together with Artcoustic’s signature slimline design, Spitfire SL delivers world class cinema sound without taking up valuable space in the room. For a dedicated cinema, there is nothing else with the performance, dynamics, output, flexibility and practicality that Spitfire SL offers.

The Spitfire SL defies what has previously been possible in a compact loudspeaker design.

Artcoustic’s Symmetrically Controlled Beamwidth Array is a ground breaking analogue in-house loudspeaker technology, which enables superior controlled directivity on both vertical and horizontal axis.

With Symmetrically Controlled Beamwidth Array technology, it is possible to achieve very high sound pressure levels without the use of compression horn, very low distortion, very low power consumption and very flat frequency response, but still maintain the desired typical horn qualities, such as directivity and throw.

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Cabinet colour. Black
Price per speaker
Designed for use behind acoustically transparent projection screens and grills


LF-MF 24 x 3 inch cone, Symmetric Phased Aligned
HF 12 x 1 inch Dual Ring Radiator, Symmetric Phase Aligned


Low Pass Filter 6 dB/ Octave 1000 Hz High Pass
12 dB/ octave 4000Hz

Single Amped Gold Plated Push Terminals

Operating Range 75 Hz to 40 Hz
Nominal Beamwidth Horizontal and Vertical 90 degrees
Axial Sensitivity (half space SPL) LF/ MF-HF 110 dB
Input Impedance Nominal Minimum 4 ohms
Recommended High Pass Filter = >80 Hz, 24 dB/ octave

Maximum Power Handling 140 Watt
Calculated Axial Output Limit (whole space SPL) Average Peak LF/ MF-HF 130 dB @ 30 watt
Weight 18 kg
Dimensions H: 1126 W: 350 D: 67 mm

Black Paint


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