Star Fields

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As each starfield is bespoke please call for a quotation for manufacture and installation

- Bespoke design in multiple sizes
- Retro fit to existing roof without the need to gain access above
- Different colour ceiling finishes available
- White or colour twinkle effect fibre optic kits
- Perimeter colour change LED lighting optional
- Customers star signs or lucky numbers can be added
- RF or Infra red remote controllable

The advantages of fibre optic lightingWith fibre optic lighting, one bulb feeds multiple points of light (for example, in our extra large star kit, one bulb feeds 336 fibre optic tails!). Our lighting kits therefore offer extremely low maintenance - the lightsource can also be placed in a convenient location to change the bulb. Fibre optic lighting emits no heat and no UV. The end fittings are completely cold and have no electricity running through them, making them safe to touch and perfect for wet or humid environments where conventional lighting would be dangerous.

Our lighting kits are very easy to install with conventional tools and detailed instructions are supplied with each kit. Only one household electrical socket is typically required to power a lightsource and the end fittings only require holes to be cut in the floor, ceiling of other material in which they are to be installed. Fibre optic lighting is the ultimate in flexibility. Colourwheels within the lightsource make continuous colour changes easy to achieve and twinklewheels are perfect for creating a transfixing candlelight effect.

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