Beamax Projector Lift 11802

Brand: Beamax
Product Code: 11802
Price: £1,075.00 Ex Tax: £895.83

This projector lift is an ideal solution if you want to hide your projector above a false ceiling.

By hiding the projector with a lift, it will only be in sight when it is used. When you are not watching a movie, the projector is hidden in the ceiling.

A projector lift can be used when:

  • Your room has a low ceiling height and a projector on a bracket would be in the way
  • You have a state-of-the-art meeting room or home cinema, where everything is automated
  • You have a carefully designed room, which would be spoiled by having a projector in plain sight (when not is use)

The projector lift has a maximum length of 96 cm and can carry a maximum weight of 25 Kg.


 Code  Dimension closed (mm)  Dimension open (mm)  Dimension grill total (mm)  Dimension grill internal (mm)  Max. fixing point projector (mm)  Weight capacity (kg)
 11802  576x145x555  576x960x555  410x450  350x450  370x400  25

Weight 12kg
Warranty 2 Years
Control Electric Standard delivered with 2-button wall-mount switch
Included Projector lift, Instruction Manual, Ceiling brackets, 2-button wall-mount switch


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