Beamax A-Series Fixed Frame 16:9 Acoustically Transparent Projection Screen

Brand: Beamax
Product Code: A-Series Fixed 16:9 A
Price: £477.00 Ex Tax: £397.50

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* Beamax A-Series Fixed Frame 16:9 Screen Sizes:

When you dedicate your wall to a fixed frame projection screen, the Beamax A-series is an excellent first choice.

The Beamax A Series projection screen is an intelligent choice for rooms in which the screen must be permanently in sight. The aluminium frame is durable and surrounds the projected image. This border enhances the perceived contrast of the projected image. The unique feature of frame screens is of course the perfectly flat screen fabric obtained by the even tensioning of all 4 sides.

The Beamax A-series are also an ideal solution if you have high ceilings. Because by adding a set of special hooks, you can have the screen at the right viewing height, even when you can´t hang it on the wall. Plus, if you use thin wires to hang it from the ceiling, you can create a really cool looking floating projection screen.

  • A 7.5 cm (3 inch) wide dark grey frame that perfectly borders your movies, games or concerts.
  • A sturdy frame that prevents a sagging projection fabric.
  • A perfectly flat projection screen area that's evenly tensioned. Even tensioning is important as some screens suffer from wrinkles where the tension is created.
  • A frame that´s easy to put together.
  • The 4 way tensioning eliminates any wrinkle in the fabric.
  • 2 Year Warranty


Division of frame
Up to 350cm frame width the frame is in one piece
From 350-490cm frame width the frame is horizontaly divided in two parts
From 500-6000cm frame width the frame is horizontaly and verticaly divided in two parts

Warranty 2 years
Fire safety certificate
M1 or M2 depending on the fabric type


Code  Material  Aspect  Diag  Viewing Area  Frame Width  Price £
 AS5101  Acoustic  16:9  165cm  144cm x 81cm   8cm  £477.00
 AS5102  Acoustic  16:9  188cm  164cm x 92cm  8cm  £577.00
 AS5103  Acoustic  16:9  211cm  184cm x 104cm  8cm  £649.00
 AS5104  Acoustic  16:9  240cm  209cm x 118cm  8cm  £712.00
 AS5105  Acoustic  16:9  268cm  234cm x 132cm  8cm  £817.00
 AS5106  Acoustic  16:9  297cm  259cm x 146cm  8cm  £912.00
 AS5107  Acoustic  16:9  326cm  284cm x 160cm  8cm  £1,012.00
 AS5108  Acoustic  16:9  355cm  309cm x 174cm  8cm  £1,111.00
 AS5109  Acoustic  16:9  383cm  334cm x 188cm  8cm   £1,227.00
 AS5110  Acoustic  16:9  412cm  359cm x 202cm  8cm  £1,343.00
 AS5111  Acoustic  16:9  441cm   384cm x 216cm  8cm  £1,751.00
 AS5112  Acoustic  16:9  498cm  434cm x 244cm  8cm  £2,160.00
 AS5113  Acoustic  16:9  555cm   484cm x 272cm  8cm  £2,537.00
 AS5114  Acoustic  16:9  613cm  534cm x 300cm  8cm  £2,915.00
 AS5115  Acoustic  16:9  670cm  584cm x 329cm  8cm  £3,292.00


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