Beamax M-Tensioned 2.35:1 Electric Projection Screen

Brand: Beamax
Product Code: M-Tensioned 2.35:1
Price: £945.00 Ex Tax: £787.50

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* Beamax M-Tensioned 2.35:1 Screen Sizes:

* Beamax Case Colour:

* Motor:

When you don’t want to have a projection screen in full sight, but you do want that same 4-way tensioning that fixed frame screens have – the Beamax M-tensioned screen is right for you.

The Beamax M-tensioned Series offer a superior level of planarity not found in any other retractable projection screen. A specially engineered lateral tensioning system works in combination with the weighted lower bar to ensure a project screen that is flat as a pancake.
With the ultimate 4-way tensioning system you are guaranteed to see all your movies in their glory. With the M-tensioned Series you get zero distortion, zero waves, and no loss of resolution or vivid lifelike impact.
If you have high ceilings, for instance, there's no need to worry. Beamax M-tensioned screens offer a top black border of 80 cm (31.5") that lets you mount the screen close to the ceiling while still having it at the optimum viewing level.


Motor side
Right (Standard) or Left

Integrated RF Remote

White Standard
Black or Silver (Optional)

Screen Material
Standard White (with or without black back) 1.2 gain
High Contrast 1.0 gain (15% surcharge)
Micro Perforated (30% surcharge)

2 year on the screen fabric, 3 years on the motor

Fire safety certificate
M1 or M2 depending on the fabric type

Sizes and Pricing

 Code  Viewing Area  Diagonal  Case Length  Aspect  Price
 MT1301  158cm x 67cm  172cm  200cm  2.35:1  £945.00
 MT1302  183cm x 78cm  199cm  225cm  2.35:1  £1,054.00
 MT1303  208cm x 89cm  226cm  250cm  2.35:1  £1,134.00
 MT1304  233cm x 99cm  253cm  275cm  2.35:1  £1,215.00
 MT1305  258cm x 110cm  280cm  300cm  2.35:1  £1,441.00
 MT1306  283cm x 120cm  308cm  325cm  2.35:1  £1,666.00
 MT1307  308cm x 131cm  335cm  350cm  2.35:1  £1,890.00


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