Beamax A-Velvet Fixed Frame 2.35:1 Projection Screen

Brand: Beamax
Product Code: A-Velvet Fixed 2.35:1
Price: £410.00 Ex Tax: £341.67

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* Beamax A-Velvet Fixed Frame 2.35:1 Screen Sizes:

If you decided to go for a dedicated home theatre, there's no better choice than the A-velvet frame series.

The wide frame is covered in black velvet, making sure that any overscan from your projector is absorbed. This makes the projected movie look brighter.

The slanted frame allows you to perfectly align your projected image to the size of the screen.

The projection screen fabric is tensioned from 4 sides, giving you a wrinkle-free fabric, free from any distortions. The smooth, matte white fabric has a black back, making sure no light can come through the back of the fabric and spoil the image.

The frame is 8.5 cm wide for sizes up to 350 cm wide, but 8 cm for all larger sizes. The wide frame ensures a perfectly straight black border, even for the largest screen sizes.

Matt white with black back (5% surcharge)
Matt white high contrast - 1.0 gain (15% surcharge)
Micro Perf. (30% surcharge)

Warranty 2 years
Fire safety certificate
M1 or M2 depending on the fabric type


Code  Aspect  Diag  Viewing Area  Price £
 AV2301  2.35:1  174cm  160cm x 68cm  £410.00
 AV2302  2.35:1  196cm  180cm x77cm  £424.00
 AV2303  2.35:1  217cm  200cm x 85cm  £436.00
 AV2304  2.35:1  239cm  220cm x 94cm  £555.00
 AV2305  2.35:1  261cm  240cm x 102cm  £629.00
 AV2306  2.35:1  283cm  260cm x 111cm  £749.00
 AV2307  2.35:1  304cm  280cm x 119cm  £852.00
 AV2308  2.35:1  326cm  300cm x 128cm  £970.00
 AV2309  2.35:1  363cm  334cm x 142cm  £1,106.00
 AV3210  2.35:1  417cm  384cm x 163cm  £1,263.00


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