Beamax Electric In-Ceiling 16:9 Tab Tensioned Projection Screen

Brand: Beamax
Product Code: In-Ceiling 16:9 T
Price: £1,645.00 Ex Tax: £1,370.83

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* Beamax In-Ceiling 16:9 Screen Sizes:

An in-ceiling projection screens adds magic to a room like no other projection screen. When you want your projection screen to be completely invisible, this is the screen for you.


The Inceiling projection screens from Beamax give you:

  • Complete control over the look of your room. There's no need to keep your walls free for a projection screen nor do you need to incorporate the screen in the design of your room. It's only visible when in action so every other moment, the room looks exactly like you want it.
  • A 30 second transformation. From the moment you give the command, it only takes 30 seconds for your home theatre to be ready. When you have a giant screen (like the massive 128 inch diagonal 10790) it will take a bit longer..
  • The possibility to make your room look like the latest episode of a room make-over show, as you don't need to take the projection screen into account when decorating your room.

Despite the fact that you'll want to hide the screen above your false ceiling, we don't want to hide the specs. When choosing the right projection screen from all the available options, you'll feel safe knowning that the Beamax Inceiling projection screens come with:

  • The ease of installation that makes you look like a pro-installer (or save you a bundle when you have someone do it for you).
  • No unpleasant surprises when you roll out the screen for the first time. Unlike other screens, which have a wrinkled projection screen fabric, the Beamax inceiling screen is perfectly flat. No annoying distortions in your movies, games or concerts.
  • Full-HD or any other image as it is supposed to be. A smooth fabric that is free of any particles that can distort high definition projection. Coarse fabrics used in some other projection screens can distort HD images, preventing you from getting the optimum HD image quality.
  • A 40 cm (16 inch) long top black border that prevents neck strain. The black top border allows you to lower the screen to the right viewing height. A projection screen that's too high up will force you to look up, which really becomes a pain after 30 minutes or so. And, when you have a low ceiling, you can reduce the length of this top yourself.
  • A 5 cm (2 inch) wide black border surrounding the projection area. This border creates contrast between the projection and the surrounding area, giving your movies and games more punch.
  • A 2-step, a-symmetrical aluminium roller tube that prevents horizontal lines from distorting your projection. Lesser projector screens use a round tube that creates lines in the fabric at 20-30 cm (8 to 12 inch) intervals.
  • A matt white fabric with 1.5 gain, giving you plenty of brightness and a great viewing angle.
  • Customisation options that make the screen the perfect match for your projector and room. You can customise the fabric type (matt white 1.2 gain, rear projection fabric with a 1.0 gain or high contrast fabric with a 1.0 gain). Or the exact case size if you have width restrictions. Or a different case colour, if that fits your room better.
  • Plenty of options to control your projection screen. 12V triggers, Infrared or Radio Frequency remotes, power sensing triggers or key switches. A rocker switch is always included, but whether you want the projector to trigger the screen or your learning remote to operate the screen, we have an option for you.
  • A packaging that makes sure your projection screen arrives safely and undamaged. Freight forwarders have troubles delivering projection screens undamaged if improper packaging is used. The In-ceiling series come with internal, shock-absorbing foam protectors, internal buffer zones and external corner reinforments on all 4 corners. These are all essentials for a trouble-free delivery.
  • A complete installation kit that doesn't require you to pay extra for special brackets. Unlike some other companies, we ship our screens complete with all the required brackets to install the inceiling screen. No need to pay more for brackets that you can't do without.

To complete the picture, once all your lighting in a false ceiling, and then - to really take advantage of your false ceiling potential - add a projector lift that glides up and out of sight instantly, for a completely thrilling and professional looking home theatre design.



Control Advantages
Electric - false ceiling model - Dedicated false ceiling housing for a clean and flush installation
With integrated RF remote control - Motor can be controlled through the RF remote and a control system or switch at the same time
Regular switch operation possible - Perfectly flat projection surface allows distortion-free HD images
Control with control system possible

Case colours
Standard: white
Other colours available on request and at a surcharge

Available fabrics (PVC)
Standard matt white - 1.2 gain. Black back. 5cm black border
High contrast - 1.0 gain. White back. 5cm black borders (15% surcharge)
Micro Perforated Fabric - 1.0 gain. White back. 5cm black borders (30% surcharge)

Fabric exit
Front (standard)
Back (optional no extra charge)

Motor side
Right only

Motor type
6Nm/17 RPM

2 years on screen, 3 years on motor

Fire safety certificate
M1 or M2 depending on fabric choice

Projection screen
Height-adjustable screen bracket set
2 side covers
2-button wall-mount switch

Sizes and Pricing

 Code  Aspect  Diagonal  Viewing Area  Border  Case Length  Price
 11352  16:9  187cm  163cm x 92cm  40cm  215cm  £1,645.00
 11353  16:9  210cm  183cm x 103cm  40cm  235cm  £1,805.00
 11354  16:9  241cm  210cm x 118cm  40cm  262cm  £1,975.00
 11355  16:9  267cm  233cm x 131cm  40cm  285cm  £2,140.00
 11356  16:9  313cm  273cm x 154cm  40cm  325cm  £2,305.00
 11357  16:9  333cm  290cm x 163cm  40cm  342cm  £2,475.00
 11358*  16:9  390cm  340cm x 191cm  30cm  392cm  £2,640.00
 11359*  16:9  419cm  365cm x 205cm  30cm  417cm  £2,805.00

*Note: Code 11328 Has a white backing

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