Purchasing Information


We're sorry but the product you have chosen is not available for purchase online.
Please call 01892 552563 to order.

Manufacturer Trading Agreements:

  • A number of manufacturers we deal with operate within a small select authorised retailer network in the UK. We are delighted to say Kent Home Cinema Centre meet the stringent criteria of many of the well-respected brands and as a result selected for authorised retailer status. However, in order to maintain this status, a requirement set by many manufacturers is that on-line sales are prohibited through their authorised retailer network. Abiding by these guidelines and respecting the wishes of these manufacturers ensures that Kent Home Cinema Centre can always provide our valued customers with high quality products into the future.
  • So although we can present the product on our website we can’t always allow you to place your order on-line or, in some cases, send these out by carrier. We would be happy to discuss your requirements over the phone and can arrange delivery if permitted under the terms of our manufacturer’s agreements or, alternatively, make arrangements for in-store collection. For other products requiring professional installation this service is available for clients in the South East and please call for further information.

Other Reasons for Offline Only Purchases:

  • Some of the products we sell require a degree of technical explanation prior to purchase. Quite often products such as these require additional devices to integrate them in to your existing system. A phone call or visit to Kent Home Cinema Centre ensures you receive the correct product first time without irritating compatibility issues once you receive the goods.
  • The requested product is currently out of stock with a long waiting list or is so new that we only have preliminary pricing and can only take pre orders allocating incoming stock on a first come first served basis.
  • The requested product is a bespoke item that requires technical clarification prior to ordering.
  • A call is required to negotiate prices prior to purchase of clearance/ex demonstration/end of line items.

Should you require any further information, please call us on 01892 552563